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Helen Bikes Product

World's finest coming soon...

What are we special for?

design of Helex_edited.jpg

Re-defining the Design

as good as it gets

Here at Helen, we design everything to be simple yet futuristic. Your bike is designed to integrate everything into the frame, A design straight out of the future.

Re-Fabricating the Performance

Simply Never compromise

Your bike is equipped with the sleekiest motor, which never compromises for power. No matter how hard you ride it, it will match your expectations.

performance of helen bikes.jpg

Re-Engineering the Comfort

The way you like it

Comfort is what separates good from best. With our integrated dual suspension system, you can feel the difference that makes us best. When you ask for comfort, we've got it all.

Re-Building the Security

That is never off duty

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Helen to ensure our clients receive the most quality and reliable security possible. Our Multi-stage security system acts as your Policeman.


Re-Inventing the Pedaling Experience

To give you more control

Our uniquely developed pedal-assisted drive system gives you a superior riding experience with the power you need. All this without even making a noise.

Re-Fining the Navigation

Let the exploration begin

Travel anywhere with an in-built GPS chip & network card. Explore as far as you want without the fear of losing track. Do you want it? We will show it.


Re-Designing the Touch Screen

To feel the magic at fingertips

Immersive touch screen design lets you command everything on your bike. A touch screen coupled with a user interface means the world will be at the end of your fingers.

*All illustrations above are for illustrative purposes only. They do not represent our final product in any manner.

About Us

About Us

Helen came from the idea of being simple yet futuristic. Helen is the world's first smart fully-electric hubless bicycle manufacturing company. With a futuristic design, this seems like an unrealistic bike at first sight. But we managed to make this design a real e-bike with every part it needs. Currently, research and development work is going on. We were selected for seed funding from the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) through the AIC-SKU confederation.


The idea of Helen started even before the completion of our engineering when we saw the environmental problems of motorbikes. The pollution figures seem disgusting. But we should admit the motorbike is one of the cheapest and most agile transport systems available. One cannot simply take motorbikes out of the equation without a proper alternative. Electric bicycles can come in handy here. They cause less pollution and even give a sort of physical exercise to the users. Even though there are many electric bicycles in the market, they lack decent design and features to attract customers. We designed Helen to fill this gap and get more of a "WOW" reaction from the users. This process took a lot of effort and iterations in the design. Simple and futuristic are two rules we followed throughout the design process. We decided to make a fully electric bike with minimum to no mechanical moving parts and maintenance. Since we all have different backgrounds, we have a fresh perspective on e-bikes. It served us right here. We completely changed the look of a conventional e-bike. Our Passion, Practice, and Perseverance are what made Helen Bikes, Helen bikes till now.

Our Team

Sajeeva Ratnam Nepala.jpg

Sajeeva Ratnam Nepala

Founder & CEO

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Lokesh sai Munagala

Lokesh Sai Munagala

Founder & COO

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Sashi Manesh Penniboina.jpg

Sashi Maneesh Penniboina


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Mahadev Panchumarthi

Mahadev Panchumarthi


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Contact Us

Contact Us

10-76/1, Paidaiah Street, Yanamalakuduru Lakul, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh- 520007.

CIN: U34300AP2019PTC113564
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